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All Comments

How does a 17 yr old teen end up jail for having consexual oral sex with a 15 yr old.?
He originally got ten years (!),but they reduced it two, but where was the crime, ,they were both minors. Here's the article.

Under 15, age of consent begins at 16.
Does the teen sex law mean that if two people ages 17 and 17 are caught having sex, they can be prosecuted?
and thrown in jail?
If its in the UK then no as the age of consent is 16.
Why is an adult having sex with a teen bad if teens have sex with each other anyways?
if a teen can consent to sex with another teen, why can't a teen consent to sex with an adult?
There is a legal age for sex so that adults aren't taking advantage of teens. Even if a teen consents to it, their choice is not respected. Sex can lead to unplanned pregnancies, STDs and a feeling of low self esteem is taken casually. Usually if you hear of a 25 year old having sex with a 15 year old, you would think he's only with her for the sex, he's abusing her or he's taking advantage of her. People think that the adult should be more mature and let the teen know that having sex isn't the right decision.
But it still happens.
Why is an adult having sex with a teen bad if teens have sex with each other anyways?
if a teen can consent to sex with another teen, why can't a teen consent to sex with an adult?
It could be consider as taking advantage of young person who still doesn't know precisely what is right and what is wrong
What are some advice on teen having sex?
A lot of teens are having sex and they some advice. Please give me some advice for the teens to know.
Use condoms. The pull out method doesn't work.

I see so many guys on here saying "....but he pulled out".
What are the laws on teen sex in Wisconsin?
At what age are you legally able to have sex. And what are the laws about teens having sex with younger teens. The laws in Wisconsin, please.
In Wisconsin the law states that anyone who has sex with someone under 13 is guilty of first degree sexual assault and anyone who has sex with someone under 16 is guilty of second degree sexual assault. So, you must be 16 to legally have sex and cannot have sex with any younger teens.
Does having sex too much as a pre-teen or teen make sex less enjoyable when you are heading into your thirty's?
This is just a hypothetical question, lol. Because i heard this may happen. I want to know if it is true or not?
Does masturbation ever get less enjoyable?

No. Sex will always be enjoyable.
Why do people act as though teen sex is a new phenomenon?
Seriously.According to statistics teen sex is actually down from what is used to be 10 years ago.I was watch DR.Phil today and the topic was teen sex.They spoke about oral sex and how popular is has become and blah,blah.Teens Have been having sex since the beginning of time,so I dont get why all these parents(who were probably doing the same things) are all of a sudden shocked.Gimme a Break!!!!
You have to excuse the hypocrisy of he older generations.Yes they have done it especially in the teens that was in the 1960's generations. That generations of hippies and free love. It upsets me to hell the why these people act so prudishly. The United States administration is more concern about the financial so call crises when teen mothers get pregnant, and the guys ended up government assistance.

It is a sin to the US administration to spend more money on social welfare of its people, then taken this Country into 2 different wars that cost $5,000 dollars a second. This Administration need to start worrying about getting jobs for the 10.2 % unemployment rate.

Any government that want to control it's population they have to bring new demons, so people can be distracted from the real problem. So sex has always sold so why not media mentions of Teenage Sex.
For your first time having (as a teen) sex which position is the best.?
i was just curious for teens what position should someone is high school do?
whichever one youre comfortable with, i'd say missionary is best for first time.

CONSIDERING THE AMOUNT OF PAIN INVOLVED i do not think GIRL ON TOP would be a good move. I tried that, did not work. For one it hurtss bad first time and 2 it wouldnt comfortable for first time. Good luck
How was teen sex viewed in the 1940's?
I know people believed it was supposed to be saved for marriage but how were teens/young adults (say 14-21 year olds) viewed for having it outside of marriage?

Is it better that these days teens can have multiple sex partners and boast about it in public or was it better when teens were made to feel guilty for having sex?

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