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Why do a lot of Asian girls tend to have hairy vagina's?
Ive noticed that a lot of Asian girls, especially Japanese girls, have a lot of pubic hair and was wondering why do they let it grow and not shave? is that considered sexy in Asian culture?
America is one of the few cultures that believes plucking, shaving, and trimming your body hair down to almost nonexistent levels to be attractive. Many cultures find not doing so to be more natural, and thus more attractive. There are plenty of cultures in which women don't shave their legs or underarms because of it.
Do doctors care if you have a hairy vagina?
If your having your vagina checked? should I shave?
absolutely not, you aren't dating the doctor, they look at hundreds of vaginas a week. a vagina is a vagina to them whether shaved or not. its all preference.
How do you say hairy vagina in japanese?
I need someone to tell me who actually knows japanese .... not using a translator
I don't know but why on earth would you want to know this?
Is there something wrong if you have a hairy vagina?
i tend to a lot of hair in that area and why is that? i think some other girls have a normal amount of hair, but me, i have like tons of hair and i'm thinking that it's abnormal and there's something wrong. do you think i have some kind of a problem?
Yes there is something terribly wrong if you have hair in your vagina. There is no hair in the vagina of a normal woman. You should see a doctor if you do have hair because you may have a hormonal problem.
My girlfriend has a hairy vagina and i find it discusting what should i do with out upsetting her?
should i shave it during the night whill she is asleep?or would i cut her
are you joking ?! omg im laughing so much.
i think she would realise if you were shaving her. just tell her!
Should my vagina be hairy or not hairy?
Iv been dating my boyfriend for a while now and pretty soon i know that we will want to have sex. I am just worried about what he will think of my body and most of all, my vagina. Should I have it hairy or no hair at all? and if no hair, then whats the best way to get rid of it? please help!
You are far too young to even be thinking of having sex if you have to ask this question. There is NO HAIR in the vagina! Please learn the parts of your body so you don't look ignorant.
My boyfriend makes fun of my hairy vagina. what should i do?
i have a major problem and don't know what to do about it. i'm scared he won't touch me cause he says it's like walking through the jungle.
You have a hairy vagina,but your name is Mike????o_O
Hairy vagina fingering?
My friend is planning on fingering me but my vagina is hairy and i wanna look like un prepared. Should I shave any of it?
Yeah, you don't have to shave, but you should probably trim a bit.
How hairy is your vagina suppost to be?
I want to know becuse mine is pretty hairy!
I dont know. Everyone is different. I shave. The hair remover i use is Nair,im scared of blades and don't want to cut myself down there.So you just put a thick layer on and 5-10mins, take a shower and the hair will come off.

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