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What kind of panties do cheerleader girls wear under their bloomers/spankies?
I stare alot at my assemblies and have always wondered what a cheerleader's selection/choice of underwear would be. Do you wear anything special under your bloomers/spankies? You cheer chicks fascinate me, sorry, love ya ',:^)
Well they have a brand of underwear called Danskin, they also make dance cloths. But those are really comfortable and tend not to ride up or cause any panty lines. I use to take cheer leading and now I take gymnastics so that is what I wear. Also most where either boyshorts or bikini or what they call "dance underwear" which is basically a thong.
What are cheerleader panties made of?
i was just wondering, what material or fabric are cheerleader panties made of (the ones that come with the outfit)

I'm not a pervert or anything, i was just curious
Their called bloomers and are usually made of Lycra or Polyester.
Fair punishment for stealing cheerleaders panties?
Ok, long story short, this cheerleader wore wrong colored panties to her game and i saw her change them in her car. during the game i went into her car and took them but she found out. she wants each cheerleader to give me one swat on the butt with a sorrority paddle, but do you think thats fair? if enough say no i can get out of it.
Tell them you will do it if everyone is naked.

Lucky you.

My girlfriend is bringing me to the cheerleader "panty" party what should I do or bring?
my girlfriend,who is a cheerleader, is bringing me to a cheerleader "panty" party with all her friends. At the party you swap boxes with someone and they put on what they received. Any suggestions on what to do or bring? Its next Friday.
Yes. Three things, a camera, thongs, and a lot of condoms.
What do cheerleaders call the panties they wear under their skirt?
They are not normal panties obviously and I believe they are worn over regular panties. But what are they called? Do you wear panties under them all the time or just sometimes? Do you feel embarrassed about people seeing them? Thanks.
Hey, I'm a cheerleader. They are called bloomers. Yes, of course I wear underwear with them all the time. They are made to wear underwear under them. lol and I'm not really embarassed about people seeing them because we wear them so when we jump, the people see the bloomers, and not our underwear lol hope i helped
Do cheerleaders wear panties under their uniforms?
Do they wear thongs / g-strings or do they go "commando" under their uniforms?
we usually wear thongs under our spankies
gets too hot when wearing briefs or bikinis under our spankies
What are those panties that cheerleaders wear called?
I know there's some special girly name. Thanx.
They're bloomers...
I am a masculine straight man and I LOVE to wear panties, whyh?
I have a body like an athlete but I wear panties like the cheerleader!
I agree with Britney, got pics? LOL

I do it too, seriously nothing wrong with it, its just a fetish, and doesnt necessarily make you gay or anything like that. I cant explain why I do it, I just do, and I enjoy it. Much the same as you, I'm about as masculine as you can get. I don't feel any sense of femininity when I do it either, I just find it, stimulating, and not always in a sexual way either...

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